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Interactive Coloring Book

PopArt Dogs

Collection of 30 Pop Art Portraits of the most lovable dogs in one Interactive Coloring Book!






June 2020



Interactive Coloring book?

Our books come with very distinctive features. Every project is equipped with an interactive online information page on all of the illustrations, not only can you have fun but also learn something new and enriching.

Coloring has become a beloved hobby that not only benefits mental health but also stress relief. It brings back pleasant memories, challenges the brain, and encourages creativity. What could possibly go wrong if you invested some time into this rewarding hobby?

Art therapy is an effective mental health treatment that has been known to reduce anxiety and stress while increasing mindfulness. Although many people seek professional help regularly and take prescription medications, art therapy may prove just as beneficial for some individuals.

The human brain utilizes three types of cone photoreceptors to detect light from various wavelengths. These visual signals are processed by various areas of the cerebral cortex, which organizes and solves problems.

Anxiety and stress are major problems for millions of people around the world. They may present as insomnia, stress, nausea, digestive issues, or panic attacks characterized by sweating, flushing, rapid breathing, and a high heart rate.

Coloring is a common creative activity used by mental health practitioners to reduce stress and anxiety. It's cost-effective, easy to do, and can help you relax while relieving symptoms of anxiety or stress.

Stress Relief

Mental focus



Interactive Coloring Book

PopArt Dogs

Our collection of 30 dogs infront of a fun, colorful comic style backgrounds provide a wonderful opportunity not only to relax, but also to educate yourself about breeds, specific characteristics and extra facts about all the dogs included in the book.